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Slimline OxyPod LED Oxygen Treatments

Treatment Options

LED Oxygen Cleanse Program

Facilitates skin natural cleansing and tightens the skin tissues utilizing specialized LED light waves (red and yellow LEDs), along with therapeutic dry heat. While relaxing, the skin detoxifies, eliminates excess fluids.

LED Oxygen Condition Program

This pre-set program starts to increase heat for acclimatization and progressively increase metabolism burn more calories. Vibration stimulates the movements of muscle and tissue and helps to relieve stress and enhance circulation.

LED Oxygen Contour Program

To contour and pay attention to areas of concern such as cellulite, while heat continues to raise metabolic rate. Using body wraps and products will help to contour and tone the body for inch loss.

LED Oxygen Core Strength Program

High heat at the maximum of 178º F (81º C) to increase metabolic rate, burn a maximum of calories, continue to detoxify the body from impurities, excess fluid and toxins and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

LED Oxygen Detoxification Program

Facilitates natural skin cleansing with yellow LEDs: detoxification will help losing water, fluid excess, toxins and impurities. This is a great treatment to start a weight loss program.