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Yoga Meditation & Tai-Chi

The Authentic Practice

We created a Yoga, Meditation, and Tai-Chi practice out of our passion for wellness and an ancient, eastern heritage for healing and self-development. Driven not by western gym and marketing trends, but a desire to create an authentic practice, we have had the luxury to bring these practices to the west in their true form. And our community of practitioners share the benefits of this luxury.

See what authentic yoga could mean to you

Our unique approach

Passionate about eastern practices and heritage, we are reviving the true art form of Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi. We are proud to offer unique programs that honor these modalities in the way they were meant to be practiced. Breaking from the western gym-trends, we've gone back to the basics, to rediscover the true art & practice originating from China and India; and invite you to join us.

Discover an unmatched experience

Benefits of Yoga

The evolution of your whole-being, in short, is the benefit of the practice of authentic Yoga. From happiness, mental wellbeing, physical health, and spiritual balance—the benefits of Yoga are never ending as is the practice and discovery of this ancient art. Not just a recent, western fad, this practice roots back 5,000 years, and we're helping people rediscover it.

Happiness is just the start...

FREE Daily Meditation Classes

The benefits of meditation are invaluable, the only thing that could make it better would be to make it priceless, literally. Join us for FREE, daily meditation class with a live instructor where you'll be guided through some easy and powerful techniques. Great for beginners, or experienced alike.

Discover our Yoga Program

You're looking to start your Yoga practice, or continue and strengthen your existence practice, you've discovered the right place to journey through Yoga. We've created a unique Yoga program that provides an unrivaled, and authentic Yoga practice.

Tai-Chi Program This gentle practice is great for everyone, combines the benefits of both Yoga and Meditation in a simple to follow and easy practice. Like Yoga and meditation, this ancient practice restores balance to the physical body, and calmness to the mind.