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Children's Yoga

Yoga for children is a unique way to help your lil one gain creativity, flexibility and focus. Our programs are designed to be gentle and fun and never routine!

Aum’s certified and highly trained teachers use a combination of story time, zoo animals and farm animals yoga to keep it fun and creative, with just the right amount of mindfulness activities sprinkled in. While the little ones gain enhanced concentration, relaxation and better body balance and Flexibility. It is no secret Yoga is an exceptional form of exercise as it helps tone and strengthen the body and sharpens the mind, while helping relax. But how could your little one gain from it?

Some wonderful benefits and why children love Yoga

Enhancing Concentration & Creativity

As your child moves though different asanas or postures, their concentration skills improve, while letting their minds explore the animal and nature sounds and movements.

Increasing Flexibility and balance

Moving though the poses helps them build flexibility and balance. They learn coordination and good posture.

Being in the present

Through practicing mindfulness and breathing exercises, they learn to be in the present and become aware of their bodies. They learn to calm down their upset minds all by themselves and control anger or anxiety.

Enrolling your child

Sweet Dreams Spring Yoga Camp

Sweet Dreams day care in partnership with Aum Body and Soul is proud to bring to you Spring Children’s Yoga program. Yoga is a gentle exercise that promotes creativity, balance, and focus along with physical fitness. Our month long yoga camp, will meet twice a week for an hour long yoga class with highly trained yoga teachers from Aum Body and Soul Spa. Learn More...

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