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Spa Services—Body Massages

Chakra Healing & Balancing Body Massage

A unique journey of chakra healing

Chakra balancing massage treatment is a unique and interactive experience not found in any other massage style. In addition to a blend of some specialized massage techniques, Chakra Balancing massage incorporates energy work that brings you on a unique journey to untap your body's natural healing abilities. The focus of the energy work is a light touch over the chakras while concentrating on intention. In order to enhance the effects, your are guided through a visualization technique as work is performed on each chakra.

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Shirodhara is a deeply relaxing treatment in which a warm Ayurvedic oil is streamed onto the forehead and the sixth chakra, your intuitive center. This meditative treatment relaxes the nervous system and relieves mental stress. Shirodhara creates harmony of mind, body, and soul. Please note: Shirodhara leaves nourishing oils in the hair.

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Beyond Essential Oils

Essential oils custom blended for individuals

What's in a massage? Is it just specialized strokes? Massages oils are central to the healing and relaxation is body massages. At AuM, we use the highest grade, therapeutic Essential Oils that deliver a powerful form plant based medicine. Going a step further, these essential oils are custom blended for individual depending on their Dosha.

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Ayurveda: An Ancient Beauty Secret

An ancient healing Tradition from the East. Wellness rooted in holistic and natural, balanced lifestyle, now integrated with modern techniques for wholistic beauty. Discover your natural health and beauty.

Why AuM for Massages?

Why AuM for massages? AuM combines the best of east and west for deep, rejuvenating body massages that leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Individual and attentive care that pampers you to a memorable experience.

Do you know your Dosha?

What's your unique combination of the three energy elements? Discover how our holistic approach balances your constitution for optimal wellness, from the inside out.