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Microcurrent Skin Therapy

Microcurrent Skin Therapy

The Invisible face lift

Stimulate your skin to heal 250% - 350% faster with this natural and non-invasive, regenerative therapy for instant results.

What is it?

Discovered accidentally for it amazing skin benefits, Dr. Carlos Matteucci was surprised when his Bell’s palsy patients not only recovered from soft tissue damage 250% to 350% faster, but also benefited from smoother skin, free of lines and wrinkles, and skin that looked visibly younger and healthier by several years.

Microcurrent has since become widely used not only in the medical field, but is also one of the most sought after, effective, and instant skin therapies available that are natural, safe, and non-invasive.

Benefits of Microcurrent Skin Therapy

The appearance of wrinkles, sagging, and loss of elasticity, or tightness of the skin is due the loss of skin's ability to repair and regenerate itself. What keeps skin looking perfectly ageless is its' capacity to continuously repair and reconstruct at the cellular level. But with the passing of time, build up of toxins, poor diet, and environmental factors, this capacity is diminished. With Microcurrent however, the effects of time on your skin are literally reversed.

Visible reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, improvement in tightness and firmness (elasticity) of the skin are what makes some people refer to Microcurrent as the invisible face lift. While the the results are visibly dramatic and nearly instant, under the skin, production of collagen and elastin is naturally ramped up, to turn back the effects of time and aging. Collagen and elastin, two essential proteins for healthy skin, are present in abundance in our youthful years. This abundance is what also makes a baby's skin smooth, soft, and tight—in essence, flawless and perfect!.

Additional benefits are, lymphatic drainage, regeneration of connective tissue, tones and tightens the skin, enhanced skin elasticity, skin pigmentation is improved. YOU will see results after the first facial and a vast improvement after each one.

How it works: Your Skin's Natural Ability To Beautify itself.

At AuM, we're committed to using natural, safe, and effective treatments, that are healthy & work from within, no gimmicks, and no fads. As western beauty science continues to progress, it is turning to the natural, self-healing abilities of the body. Microcurrent is a modern-day technique that taps into just such an ability, or more precisely, the naturally occurring, but a very gentle electric current that surges through our entire body. Microcurrent treatment compliments this body's natural electric current, which is essential to keeping us healthy and functional.

Microcurrent, meaning mild electrical current, mirrors the current that your body generates on its own. The flow of this current improves circulation, promotes cellular regeneration to replace old and aging skin cells with new ones, and also helps remove metabolic waste while preventing the build up toxic chemicals. Because it encourages and activates the skin's natural methods of staying healthy and looking young, the results are not just skin deep, but brings out your natural beauty from deep within.

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Microcurrent Skin Therapy is great as a corrective treatment or as a regular ‘maintenance’ routine. We’d be happy to have one of our trained, clinical aesthetician consult and answer any questions in person, or make an appointment for your first treatment.

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