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Journey Within: Yoga, Meditation, Sound Immersion

Let’s slow things down, take a moment to move mindfully, breathe deeply, and Journey within.


Today’s fast-paced world constantly challenges us with internal and External demands, heightening stress and dis-ease in the body and mind. It Is important to find balance; to self-care; to slow down and give our selves Time to journey within. Join us for a yoga & meditation w/sound immersion Workshop, a gentle mind-body practice, a small group/intimate setting, and An opportunity to cultivate balance through Movement, meditation and stillness.

In this workshop you will be...

  • Led through a gentle yin (passive) & yang (active) yoga practice sequenced to open the body and awaken its subtle energy lines
  • Guided through a pranayama (breathing technique) and meditation practice to calm and center the mind
  • Guided through a post meditation stretch to re-ground
  • Treated to a sound healing to include music, chanting and singing bowls
Hosted by: Tisha Ford
Investment: 40

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